2023 Rosy Cheeks

2023 Rosy Cheeks

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At one point, we had t-shirts for our Rosy Cheeks fans. Maybe we should bring those back? We have loved watching the fan club of Rosy Cheeks grow over the years and become more passionate with every vintage. This is a wine that causes absolute mayhem when it sells out every winter. The 2022 vintage sold out in record time (September), so if you are counting on this wine for any occasion, we suggest you stock up. 

A Note from Winemaker, Leo Gabica

"This is probably the wine that I receive the most inquiry about. It isn't a huge secret! Rosy Cheeks is produced just like all of our other wines : directed by the harvest with the interest to let the varietals shine. Those who appreciate semi-sweet wines are just as important as those who prefer big, bold reds. Semi-sweet wine enthusiasts, we see you over there. Our 2023 is a blend of our best lots of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Tempranillo, Malbec and our white wines. So, look at you enjoying a wide range of grape varietals - even the big reds. My big goal with semi-sweet wines is to make it mouthwatering. This comes from a balanced acidity. You will note the semi-sweetness in the wine, but not be overpowered by it."

Start your Story

Be transported to summer with a watermelon salad topped with mint and feta cheese. If you are interested in balancing the semi-sweet notes, pair with a spicy barbecue sauce. If you would like to amplify the sweetness, pair with fruit tarts or pound cake drizzled with fresh strawberry compote. Leo suggests pairing with a strawberry and spinach salad with a citrus dressing! 

Flavor profiles

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry

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