2020 Reserve Pinot Gris
White & Rosé

2020 Reserve Pinot Gris

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There is something about walking through our rows of Pinot Gris just before harvest. The soft texture to the grapes and comforting mauve hues you see on a Pinot Gris - We thought we would capture a little essence of this moment and bottle it. As you pour a glass of our 2020 Reserve Pinot Gris, you will notice the golden hue - just like the sunrise over our vineyard. Take in the inviting scents of orange zest that has been kissed by the sun. The experience of this wine is completed by dancing waves of apricot on top of buttery shortbread. 

A Note from Winemaker, Leo Gabica

The first thing you will notice is the color, every vintage it will change. For our 2020 Reserve Pinot Gris, I let the skins sit overnight for a total of 10 hours. I really wanted to achieve a golden hue for this particular vintage. The 2020 harvest was a tough one, for many reasons, but this golden hue is a reminder that we persevered. After I pressed the fruit, I divided the fruit in half. The first half was immediately placed in a stainless steel tank. The second half was placed in French oak barrels and went through primary and malolactic fermentation. After fermentation, I blend the Reserve Pinot Gris together. The complexity of the Pinot Gris as a grape is something to cherish, and I know you will enjoy the layers to our 2020 Reserve Pinot Gris. May this wine remind you of all the good things that come after moments of challenge.” 

Start your Story

This wine has grown to be a favorite of our wine club members. It isn’t often to find a Pinot Gris that receives any oak aging. One of our fun memories of the Oak Hill Block, where we sourced our 2020 Reserve Pinot Gris, was taking photos of our winery dogs prior to a fundraising event we held with a local humane society. There is something about a dog running through vines that brings you the sense of freedom and happiness. This wine can be your companion both on crisp evenings with a delicious squash soup or under the canopy of an oak tree during sunset. 

Flavor profiles

  • Shortbread
  • Apricot
  • Orange Zest

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