2019 Estate Dry Riesling
White & Rosé

2019 Estate Dry Riesling

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What we love the most about our Estate Dry Riesling is how it’s the first row of vines that welcome each guest to our tasting room. As you drive along Briggs Hill Road, these rows of Riesling are the first inclination you have arrived. Arguably the most underrated varietal in the world - this is going to be the Riesling that makes you appreciate white wines. The dashing acidity is incredibly refreshing while layers of green apple and lime zest surprise and delight. 

A Note from Winemaker, Leo Gabica

“The first thing you will notice about this wine is the acidity and how it carries the wine throughout the entire sip. Riesling really is a misunderstood and underappreciated varietal. More often than not, a guest will decline to try the wine because they assume it will be sweet. Our 2019 Estate Dry Riesling has 0.04% residual sugar - this is essentially bone dry. It brings me tremendous pleasure to pour a splash and watch their faces be surprised at how much they enjoy the wine. On the nose, you note hints of wildflowers - which love to grow below the banks of the Riesling block. This particular vintage did have a longer fermentation, a little over two months. The ferment was done very slowly to allow the aromatics to be preserved. If you know someone who loves white wine, but won’t touch Riesling because “it’s too sweet” - pour them a taste without telling them what it is and sit back. You will see what I’m talking about with the joy of changing an opinion.” 

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Our 2019 Estate Dry Riesling has won over many guests - it just hits the spot. When you need a glass while kicking your feet up on your own patio, enjoying mouthwatering Mahi Mahi fish tacos, or dreaming of being on a lawn playing croquet with friends and family, our 2019 Estate Dry Riesling is the obvious choice.

Flavor profiles

  • Wild Flowers
  • Green Apple
  • Lime Zest

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