2018 Syrah

2018 Syrah

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Sourced from our friends in Southern Oregon, this is a wine that will solidify your love for Syrah. A stunning bouquet draws you in for a burst of boysenberry and layers of robust flavors. You get hints of pepper on the palate, classic to this varietal. The tannin structure of this wine is soft in texture, but still shows great strength in body. 

A Note from Winemaker, Leo Gabica

“I sourced the 2018 Syrah from both Serra Vineyards in the Applegate Valley AVA and Carpenter Hill Vineyards in the Rogue Valley AVA. Both vineyards are located in Southern Oregon - I really enjoy the profile that both vineyards bring together. Our 2018 Syrah is aged for 19 months in hybrid barrels. Our hybrid barrels have American oak staves, the wood that composes the main body of the barrel. The heads are French oak. The cooperage we use for our hybrid barrels dry aged the wood for 24 months before creating and toasting the barrels. I use the hybrid barrels because the Syrah does really well with the qualities of an American oak - it adds that touch of vanilla or even a little touch of nuttiness. Using the hybrid barrels allow for 25% French oak influence, and encourages those slight white pepper notes to come out of the Syrah. Overall, the tannin structure of this wine is going to be very smooth. If you are looking to transition into a bigger red category of wine, I encourage you to try our 2018 Syrah.” 

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The measure of a great wine is being able to enjoy it year-round. You don’t just crave this wine inside of a snow covered cabin; it begs to be on the table for backyard barbeque or wood oven pizza nights. Syrah was the favorite red varietal for our Founder, Dan. When it came to dinner - Dan loved to have everyone sit at the dining room table, food served family style, lively conversation with no room for silences, and a bottle (or two) of Syrah in the center. 

Flavor profiles

  • Cedar
  • Boysenberry
  • White Pepper

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