2018 Serra Vineyards Tempranillo

2018 Serra Vineyards Tempranillo

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Many have asked our winemaker, Leo Gabica, what his winemaking style is. Those who know Leo, or have asked him this question, find that he humbly smiles and says he doesn't know. But those who try Leo's wines, or work alongside him each vintage, will quickly understand that Leo is highlighting the varietal and the vintage. It takes careful planning and quick wit to be a winemaker. You will find that your plans will need to adapt at a moment's notice - you have ferments, weather conditions, incoming fruit - all while leading a production team. 

A Note from Winemaker, Leo Gabica

“The 2018 vintage was something special - the weather was warm and consistent, allowing growers complete control over the harvest. When the bins of Tempranillo arrived from Serra Vineyards in the mid-morning hours, I knew I needed to capture this spirit in a bottle and share it with our Barrel Select Club members. We filled three American-French hybrid barrels with this Tempranillo, and set the barrels to the side to age for 19 months. When you pull the cork, I invite you to close your eyes and picture yourself in the middle of a vineyard as the summer sun disappears, but the lingering warmth stays behind.” 

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When we take a sip of the 2018 Serra Vineyards Tempranillo, we know it will pair seamlessly with : reading books by a crackling fire, enjoying a spread of tapas while watching your favorite classic movie, and sitting below a bistro-lit dinner table surrounded by laughter from family and friends. 

Flavor profiles

  • Cedar
  • Blackberry
  • Violet

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